Persian Voices: Survival of Islam

Because the survival of Islam today is subject to the sacred constitution, based on Islamic Sharia law these people are like the ones who were gathered in Karbala and attempted to murder innocent Imam (Imam Hossein), each arrow towards Muslims look like it was shot into the body of the Imam Sayed Shohada (Imam Hossein). If these communities cause fear and insecurity for Muslims, these communities like those who gave fear in Karbala to Imam Hossein’s family.

These people and their successors will fail in the world and be rejected. In the hereafter the martyrs of Hussein, will be resurrected. Those who took money in Kufa to fight Sayyid al-Shuhada (Hossein) were the same as these people.

—Fatwa of Ulema of Isfahan, In the name of God, Mohammad Taghi Najafi, Sheikh Noor Allah, Abu al-Qasim Mosavi, Hassan Mousavi, Abul al-Hasan Tabatabai, Muhammad Baqir al-Tabatabai, Muhammad Ali golestani, Ismail Tabatabai, Ahmed al-Husseini, Nasreddin Shaykh al-Islam, Mohammad Reza Husseini, Dai Ismail.


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