Persian Voices: Warning Mohammad Ali Shah

Warning. His Imperial Majesty [Mohammad Ali Shah] has apparently forgotten that…he was not born by his mother possessed of crown and signet-ring, nor does he hold in his hand a warrant of absolute sovereignty from the unseen world of the spirits. He should remember that his sovereignty depends only on the acceptance or rejection of the people. The people that have elected him are also able to elect another in his place.

—Revolutionary Proclamation


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Editor’s Note: Revolutionaries from the Ottoman Empire, Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan came to Iran to participate in the revolutionary events beginning in 1905. Among them were the Young-Turks. After the 1908 bombing of parliament in June, Iranian constitutionalists provided reinforcements for the Young-Turk Revolution in July. This gave the Iranian constitutionalists a base in the Ottoman Empire to fight the continued civil war in Iran. Sentiments about Persian kingship and opposition can be traced to Iran’s ancient history.