Persian Voices: Pure Iranian Blood

We ask that the Bakhtiyari [nomads] and the Qashqa’i [nomads] should understand that nationhood (vataniyat) and the constitution are the will of God. So far, the Qashqa’i [tribe] have remained neutral and have not taken part in oppression. And the Bakhtiari [tribe], who call themselves Iranians, would not act against the nation… Because anyone with pure Iranian blood [khun-e pak-e Irani] in their body would not take part in the oppression of Iran.

—Habl al-Matin Newspaper


Chehabi, H. and Martin, V. (2010). Iran’s constitutional revolution. London: I.B. Tauris, p.134.Print.


Editor’s Note: The tribes of Iran first entered the Constitutional Movement as elected deputies to the parliament formed in 1906. After the 1908 bombing of the Iranian parliament, the tribes were called upon to wage civil war taking on Russian reinforcements backing the shah.