Persian Voices: Long Live The People of Iran

Upon hearing for 10 months about the behavior of [Mohammad Ali] Shah and his court, and after being advised by the Marja’a, Islam [highest ranking religious scholar] and Europeans, that the only way for saving Iran is through Mashruteh [constitutionalism]. I decided to do what I could for the sake of my religion and homeland. And nothing can scare or stop me. Long live the people of Iran, long live freedom.

Ali Qoli Khan Bakhtiari “Sardar Asa’d II”, letter


Kermani, Nazem al-Islam. (1979). Tarikh-e Bidari Iranian (History of Iranian Awakening). Tehran: Entesharat Bonyad Farhang Iran, Agah and Lowh.


Editor’s Note: Ali Qoli Khan Bakhtiari eventually become Prime Minister of Iran.