Persian Voices: Freedom, Justice, and Equality

The bullets rained down upon the enemy’s heads. The Zahhak-worshipping tyrannical troops of the enemy stayed awake all night in fear of the liberals (aurar). At the break of dawn, each was sleeping in a corner and the sound of fire and the holy cry of ‘Freedom, Justice, and Equality’ filled the earth (‘alam ra tara bereft). And from the wafting of the morning wind came the sounds of ‘Well done! Bravo!’ from the luminous graves of the martyrs of the path of freedom – Haji Mirza Ebrahim Aqa, Malek al-Motekallemin, Mirza Jahangir [Sur-e Esrafil] – which reached the ears of the constitutionalists and which strengthened the hearts of the mojahedin.”

—Press Article, Battle of Hashrud


H.E., Chehabi and Vanessa Martin. Iran’s Constitutional Revolution, Popular Politics, Cultural Transformations, and Transnational Connections. Page 330. Print.


Editor’s Note: Zahhak is a villain archetype in the Persian Book of Kings, the Shahnameh.