Persian Voices: Eternal Damnation

I am absolutely astonished at the attitude which the Majlis has adopted towards the question of the [Russian] ultimatum… At this moment, hostility and stubbornness would result in eternal damnation.

—Sayyed Hasan Taqizadeh, Telegram to the Majlis, 1911


Katouzian, H. (2013). Iran Politics, History and Literature. “Seyyed Hasan Taqizadeh.” London: Routledge, p.61.


Editor’s Note 1: Sayyed Hasan Taqizadeh sent more than thirteen telegrams to the Majles speaker, Soleyman Mirza, leader of the Democrats. The Russian Ultimatum occurred during the American mission of Morgan Shuster and ended in thousands of Russian troops entering Iran in 1911 usually argued as the close of the Constitutional Movement.

Editor’s Note 2: During Shuster’s Mission, 2 nitroglycerin labs were discovered in connection to assassination attempts linked to the anti-constitutionalist royal family who were backed by Russia.