Persian Voices: Habl al-Matin Newspaper

Our Nation, young and old women and men, have parted with their lives and anticipate that the Russians carry out their promise (to withdraw from the North) and hope for the just sentiments of other governments.”

—Habl al-Matin Newspaper


Habl al –Matin, 18 July 1910

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Editor’s Note: Russia and Britain declared zones of influence in the Anglo-Russian Entente in 1907. Later, during the American Mission of Morgan Shuster who was invited to Iran by the Iranian Parliament to set up a modern financial system in the country, Russia and Britain blocked these measures recruiting the local Bakhtiari tribe to stage a parliamentary coup in 1911 via the Russian Ultimatum. From that point on, the Russians sent 4,000 colonists to settle in northern Iran inducing by the time of WWI, the Ottoman invasion.