Persian Voices: Moonlight

Standing before the village

a single man

knapsack on his back, hand on the knocker, murmurs

Worry over this lot

ruins sleep in my tearful eyes.


Marcello, Di Cintio. “Moonlight” by Nima Yushij, Translated by Iraj Bashari. “Poets and Pahlevans: A Journey into the Heart of Iran”. Toronto: Vintage Canada Edition, a division of Random House of Cana Limited, 2007. Page 294. Print.


Editor’s Note: Nima Yushij is one of the first modernist poets in Iran writing in the genre known as New Poetry.

بر دم دهکده مردی تنها

کوله بارش بردوش

:دست او بر در، می گوید با خود

غم این خفته ی چند

.خواب در چشم ترم می شکند


می تراود مهتاب ، نیما یوشیج