Persian Voices: Claws of Insurgents

O … the morning breeze who rise from the East

Travel to Azerbaijan at dawn

Mourn and cry for that land of darkness

Kiss for me that rose-colored soil

Then travel to Azargoshasb

Bewail in that fire temple

In that ruined ivan

If you see the spirit of Keyqobad and the soul of Kavous

Tell them, O … the fortunate kings

O … prides of the crown and worthies of the throne

Shahanshahs of Ecbatana and Istakhr

All found glory and pride in this land

This was the land of armies at the time of Cyrus

The resting place of warriors and the camp of the king

For the games of the King and his prime

I see it now, captive in the claws of insurgents.



Andi, Kamyar. “Nationalism, Political, and the Development of Archaeology.” American Journal of Aechaeology. *32 Quoted in Arayanpour 1971,132.Page 55. Web.


Editor’s Note: Bahar wrote this after the Russians occupied Azerbaijan in 1909 during Iran’s civil war and later became one of Persia’s poet laureates.