Persian Voices: Settle On The Land

If a strong state were created, the reprisal of law would spread among the tribes and in the mountains, places that are now far from the manners and culture of the cities. In fact, their condition is completely contrary to that of the city. The Bakhtiyari tribes are spread from the mountains of Isfahan to the Shushtar… and it can be said that they, and other tribes, have never been fully under the rule of any sultan. In the impenetrable and lofty mountains, they still live according to their own customs and ways. They pay little heed to the central government and its representatives, only providing some soldiers and paying scant taxes for the portions of land they hold in the foothills. To the point that it has been able, the state has followed a policy of urging these tribes to settle on the land mostly because if they settled on the land, perhaps with the passing of time they would become assimilated to adjacent lands that had always been exposed to their gallop and attack

—Muhammad Taqi Khan Hakim, 1880s


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