Persian Voices: Paths of Progress and Advancement

Oh, my zealous children! In the present epoch there remain on the historical scene no traces of the signs of savagery and other barbarity, and today, when even the blacks and beasts of Africa have elected the paths of progress and advancement, it in neither permitted nor appropriate that the sons of the ancient land of Iran, with its resplendent historical tradition and civilization, should still roam and wander like savage beasts across the deserts and mountains. All of the you must abandon this wandering and nomadic existence and resume once more that mode of life of your illustrious forebears who caused cities to flourish and prosper.

—Reza Khan, Commander – in – Chief of the Armed Forces,14 February 1925


Potts, Era D. T. “From World War I to Present.” NOMADISM IN IRAN From Antiquity to The Modern Era. New York: Oxford University Press, February 14,1925. Reza Khan, Commander-in -Chief of the Armed Forces.2014. Page 374. Print.


Editor’s Note: In ancient Persia, the tribes on the plateau eventually encountered the urban civilization of the Elamites from Elam in Western Iran who constructed fixed buildings and practiced farming. In the 1920s and 30s, Reza Shah used Iran’s modern army to settle the tribes by force desiring the tribes to live as their ancient ancestors, the Elamites.