Persian Voices: Shackles of Life

We are still in the shackles of life.

Sadeq Hedayat


Editor’s Note: Sadegh Hedayat studied in France and returned to Iran without finishing school, but became one of the most important writers of the 20th century. His generation of literary elites embraced modern industrial development and social change yet criticized Pahlavi autocratic rule which in their view, limited democratic development in Iran. His published fiction works from the Pahlavi time include:  Buried Alive (Zende be gūr), Mongol Shadow (Sāye-ye Moqol), Three Drops of Blood (Se qatre khūn), Chiaroscuro (Sāye-ye roushan), Mister Bow Wow (Vagh Vagh Sahāb), Sampingé (in French), Lunatique (in French), The Blind Owl (Boof-e koor), The Stray Dog (Sag-e velgard), Lady Alaviyeh (Alaviye Khānum),  Velengārī (Tittle-tattle), The Elixir of Life (Āb-e Zendegi), The Pilgrim (Hājī āqā), Tomorrow (Fardā), The Morvari Cannon (Tūp-e Morvari). His style is closely related to Franz Kafka, Edgar Allen Poe, Rainer Maria Rilke, and Anton Chekhov.