Persian Voices: Face of Love

Now I’ve chosen the path that leads through longing to nothingness:

there, perhaps, I can open the door to the face of love.

—Alam-Taj Zhaleh Qaem-Maqami


MIRROR OF DEW, The Poetry of Alam Taj Zhaleh Qaem-Maqami. Translated by: Asghar, Seyed-Gohrab. “Longing For Love.” Boston: tlex Foundation, 2014. Page 111. Print.


Editor’s Note: Alam-Taj used her penname, Zhaleh (Dew), in her collected poetry. She was a witness to pivotal social and political development in Iran during late nineteenth century. Her poems were discovered and published by her son, Pezhman Bakhtiyari, a renowned poet after her death.

اکنون بسیج راه عدم میکنم به ذوق
انجا مگر دری بگشایم به عشق