Private Sector Engagments

Archival Institute is currently facilitating Private Sector Engagements (PSE) to offer investment and development opportunities to US based companies to repair and build domestic infrastructure in the US and┬ádevelop both critical infrastructure and natural resources abroad in allied Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, and South America. Recent changes in policy mandating infrastructure development in the US and foreign policy changes to investment financing, economic development, security, and aid internationally offer US companies new opportunities to grow. On a scale designed to compete with China’s global reach, policy changes hope to stimulate rapid economic and technological advancement for partners in the US and stable allied countries as well as new regions in which the US is currently working to stabilize . Mining, energy, communications, advanced technology, and critical infrastructure from the US is vital to the empowerment of independent countries towards economic and political sustainability whereby businesses of all sizes domestically and internationally can grow as force for peace and prosperity.

Closing Infrastructure Gaps in the US and Abroad

Using Disruptive Technologies to Overcome Infrastructure Challenges

Forward-Thinking Security and Risk Management

Archival Institute prioritizes helping companies working in energy and mining; water resources, aviation, ground, and water transit development, and smart and cyber technologies realize opportunities and secure contracts in the US and abroad. By coordinating between private sector interests and numerous government agencies each with different protocols and necessities for communication, Archival Institute as a third party provides a way forward within the Private Sector Engagement (PSE) framework with clearer lines of dialogue, efficient collaboration, and more effective teamwork from concept to completion.

We will assist with sourcing materials between domestic and international projects to improve the efficiency of cost and time management, and maximize private sector growth. For some projects and regions where issues of security and corruption present barriers to economic growth, we are also providing solutions to help manage risk, liability, and threat. These services and communication between invested private companies and government agencies is designed to go beyond the opening of facilities for continued efficiency and safety as needed in post-conflict areas engaged in economic recovery.