Persian Voices: By What Law

God has blessed Iran. Unfortunately, His blessing has been negated by the lack of laws. No one in Iran feels secure because no one in Iran is safeguarded by laws. The appointment of governors is carried out without laws. The dismissal of officers is done without laws. The monopolies are sold without any laws. The estate finances are squandered without laws. The stomachs of innocent citizens are cut open without laws. Even the servants of God are deported without laws.


Everyone in India, Paris, Tiflis, Egypt, Istanbul, and even among the Turkoman tribes, knows his rights and duties. But no one in Iran knows his rights and duties.


By what law was this mujtahed deported?

By what law was that officer cut into pieces?

By what law was this minister dismissed?

By what law was that idiot given a robe of honor?


The servants of foreign diplomats have more security than the noble princes of Iran. Even the brothers and sons of the shah do not know what tomorrow will bring – whether exile to Iraq or flight for dear life to Russia.

—Malkum Khan, 1890


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