Iran: The Third Path | Historical Documentary Series

Season 1 Iran The Third Path

Introduction to the Series

Iran: The Third path provides historical context for Iran’s current internal conflicts and international rivalries. Season 1 Episodes 1-3 show you the long-standing cultural clashes in Iran including democratic social movements, the evolution of political and militant Islam, economic struggle, and relations with superpowers throughout the events of the Constitutional Revolution of 1906, WWI and WWII, and the Cold War. Traversing the history of Iran through the eyes of prominent scholars you will gain a never before seen view of Iranian culture and the events that shaped it into the nation that it is today.

Sunrise of Justice

Ep. 1: Sunrise of Justice

Delving into the events leading up to the Constitutional Revolution Ep. 1 Sunrise of Justice

introduces the 1905 protests, the start of the revolutionary movement and civil war in Iran.  

✓  Learn about the origin of political Islam

✓ Learn when the first Islamic Shia State was created

✓  Explore Iran’s first journalists at the turn of the 20th century

✓  Discover the underground secret societies of Iran called, anjomans

✓ Learn about the origin of political Islam

Episode 2: Wars, Coups, Thieves, and a Bean

Entrenched in civil war and the discovery of oil Ep. 2 enters into 1908 Iran presenting the events that lead to the constitutionalists confronting the Islamic clergy and the looming threat from Germany.

✓ Discover one of the earliest US diplomatic missions to Persia

✓Events leading to WWI invasion of Iran by Germany

✓ Watch what happened to Iranians during WWI and the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution.

✓  See how Iran’s modern military developed

✓  Reza Shah emerges as a military leader and later a politician

Iran: The Third Path Ep. 3

Episode 3: In the Shackles of Life

Throughout the roaring twenties and thirties, Iranian society becomes westernized under the influence of Reza Shah Pahlavi and WWII conflict engulfs the region.

✓  Learn how Iran’s new modern army impacted local tribes and lands

✓  Explore the culture around veiling and gender segregation in Iran.

✓  Iranian women unveil and are influenced by modern fashion

✓  Discover the modern writers in Iran who confronted despotism and Islamic traditions.