OUR SCHOLARS | Dr. Farhang Jahanpour

Jahanpour Farhang

Farhang Jahanpour is a member of Kellogg College as well as a tutor in the Department of Continuing Education at Oxford University. Prior to his arrival at Oxford, Jahanpour taught Persian language and literature at Cambridge University before his return to Iran to serve as associate professor and chairman of the Department of Languages at the University of Isfahan. During his time at Isfahan, Jahanpour founded the first Department of American Studies in Iran and the first Faculty of Foreign Languages, where he consequently served as both professor and Dean. Upon returning to England, he served as the Chief Persian Monitor and Editor for the Middle East and North Africa at BBC Monitoring. Jahanpour attended various academic institutions such as Shiraz University (BA), University of Leeds (BA), University of Hull (MA), and University of Cambridge (Ph.D.).

Jahanpour published the “Directory of Iranian Officials” in 1992 and is currently writing a book about the modernist movement in Iran.