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Arjoman Said

Said Arjomand is a Distinguished Service Professor of Sociology at the State University of New York (SUNY) and the Director of the Stony Brook Institute for Global Studies. Professor Arjomand was the Crane Inaugural Fellow in Law and Public Policy at the Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University, and a Carnegie Scholar (2006 – 2008). He is the founder and former President of the Association for the Study of Persianate Societies and founding Editor of The Journal of Persianate Studies.

Selected publications include: After Khomeini, Iran Under His Successors (2009); Social Theory and Regional Studies in the Global Age (2013); Constitutional Politics in the Middle East (2008); Constitutionalism and Political Reconstruction (2007); The Shadow of God and the Hidden Imam: Religion, Political Organization and Societal Change in Shi’ite Iran from the Beginning to 1890 (1984); The Turban for the Crown: and The Islamic Revolution in Iran (1988).

What Dr. Said Arjomand Said

Persian Civilization

The Persianate version of Islam, actually, is very important as well as a Persianate civilization. In the earlier period, of course, that was influenced, both by the Indian civilization and the Greek. A Persianate civilization or Persianate version of the Islamicate civilization.


Islam and Fundamentalism

That is really the kind of Islam that went further east. It went to India. It went to Central Asia. There’s very little contact with the Arabic sources of Islam in India for instance. It was mainly really the Sufis who went there and until the 19th century and 20th century. And of course, you have the rise of fundamentalism in India too.


Al Qaeda and Globalization

That really came from the outside in the global context. But of course, the other thing that comes from the outside is also Al Qaeda and the kind of the use of the media by the Al Qaeda people and all these Islamists are masters of it and the Islamic State people. And they kind of used that. And indeed, you could say that the global jihad is really a product of globalization.


World Global Jihad

First to the Al-Qaeda of course, who said, ‘We’re much hotter than this Islamic Republic of Iran. If you want to do something radical or revolutionist, Islamic Jihad, World Global Jihad, we are it.’ Now with, of course, with the Islamic State right next door to Iran and Iraq and Syria, then they have really stolen it, taking completely the wind out of the Iranian government’s export of revolution sails.

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