OUR SCHOLARS | Dr. Stephanie Cronin

Stephanie Cronin is lecturer in Iranian history in the Faculty of Oriental Studies, and a member of St. Antony’s College, University of Oxford. Cronin has held an Iran Heritage Foundation fellowship for many years. She is currently working on a comparative study of Middle Eastern state building.

She is the author of Shahs, Soldiers and Subalterns in Iran: Opposition, Protest and Revolt, 1921-1941 (2010); Tribal Politics in Iran: Rural Conflict and the New State, 1921-1941 (2006); and The Army and the Creation of the Pahlavi State in Iran, 1910-1926 (1997). She is the editor of Subalterns and Social Protest: History from Below in the Middle East and North Africa (2007); Reformers and Revolutionaries in Modern Iran: New Perspectives on the Iranian Left (2004); and The Making of Modern Iran; State and Society Under Riza Shah, 1921-1941 (2003).

Modern Military

Failed Attempts

World War II

The Homafar

The Coup of Reza Khan

Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi

The Pasdaran

The Army of Reza Shah

Regional Power