The following Privacy Policy describes what information Archival collects from you and how Archival may use that information.

Archival is a multimedia provider whose services include research, investigation, and analysis of various topics ranging from anthropology to entertainment, and production of media content for international audiences (the “Services”). If subscribe to, contribute to, or receive the Services, Archival may collect some information about you.

To provide and improve the Services, Archival collects identifying information, such as your name and location, as well as contact information, including an email address and telephone number. Furthermore, if you access the Services through any of Archival’s websites, Archival may collect certain technical data relating to your access, including what type of device you are using, operating system, browser, and page-view statistics. Some of Archival’s websites utilize cookies, which uniquely identify you by a particular device. Furthermore, if you contribute media to Archival, Archival may gather further information regarding such media, including information pertaining to its origins, nature, and content.

Archival may use this information to provide, develop, enhance, and evaluate the Services. Archival may use this information to help conduct internal investigations regarding efficiency, development, or delivery of the Services. Archival may share this information with vendors, consultants, service providers, or affiliates. Archival may share this information with government authorities in response to a request.

Archival reserves the right to update or modify this Privacy Policy at any time.