1. Sunrise of Justice

Release Date: April 3, 2018 Runtime: 55 min Produced by Archival Institute

The brutal punishment of an elderly merchant awakens constitutionalists to rise up and change the fate of Iran irrevocably.

At the turn of the 20th century, Iran was at a crossroads between the international PanIslamic Movement, the Modern Education Movement, the Feminist Movement, and an imperiled monarchy, but emerged from this social upheaval with a parliament and a constitution for the first time in its long history. Top historians from world leading universities chronicle the events of Iran’s Constitutional Movement known as, Mashruteh, in Persian. Animations of revolutionary events capture the history and spirit of this turbulent period in pursuit of the sunrise of justice.

✓ What is the essential difference between Sunni and Shia Muslims?

✓ When was the first Islamic State in Iran?

✓ How did journalism inspire new grassroots movements?

Featured Scholars

Ali Ansari
Andrew Newman
Arang Keshavarzian
Ervand Abrahamian
Farhang Jahanpour
Hadi Enayat
Hossein Kamaly
Houchang Chehabi
Houchang Hassan Yari
Lloyd Llewelyn Jones
Majid Mohammadi
Michael Axworthy
Najam Haider
Robert Gleave
Stephanie Cronin

Persian Voices: Travelling The Third Path