“By the 1920s, there was a revolution in Persian poetry and, in fact, effected single handedly by Nima Yooshij, the modern, the father of Modernist Persian poetry.”

Homa Katouzian, Oxford University

In-depth history into the origins of the regional and global conflicts of today.

“So in order to be modern, the Iranian woman had to look modern. So this meant a change in the way women dressed.”

Stephanie Cronin, Lecturer in Iranian history, St. Antony’s College, University of Oxford

Season 1 Episode 3 | In the Shackles of Life

Documentary History Release Date: April 3, 2018 Runtime: 53 min Produced by Archival Institute

As the country emerges from the ruins of WWI and the great famine with a strong military leader crowned king, Reza Shah seeks to build a modern army using largely oil revenues from the still budding industry. He institutes modern medicine, secular law practice, and introduces women to universities. A modern railway is constructed and men and women dress in European fashion. Soccer becomes known as the sport of the empire builders. In a show of force against Joseph Stalin’s show trials in the Soviet Union, 53 marxist Iranians are arrested and put on trial. Among the detained is the father the literary genre known as Prison Literature, Bozorg Alavi, and the legendary editor of Donya and Tehran University professor, Taqi Arani. The animation includes an artistic adaptation of the short fiction story by Sadegh Hedayat, The Stray Dog which portrays the struggle of a Scottie dog who gets lost in the bazaar, and though it is a time of great change, there are still miles to go. As Adolf Hitler’s forces cut across Eastern Europe and North Africa in WWII, Iran becomes a crucial geographic destination to supply the Soviets against the Nazi threat. Stalin uses his troops in Iran to go after oil using a local communist party called the Tudeh.

Customer Review

At first I was quite skeptical about what political group would be behind making this documentary, but overall the journalism seems to be on point and very objective. A very fresh perspective on a history that is never taught inside or outside of the US or even in Iran. Highly recommended!

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