Season 1 Episode 3 | In the Shackles of Life

Documentary History Release Date: April 3, 2018 Runtime: 53 min Produced by Archival Institute

During the roaring twenties and thirties, Iranian society attempts to catch up with European superpowers under Reza Shah Pahlavi with women removing veils and adopting western fashion, that is until WWII engulfs the region. In this episode, historians describe the transformative events of this vastly changing society lead by a strong military monarch.

✓  Learn how Iran's new modern army impacted local tribes and lands

✓  Explore the culture around veiling and gender segregation in Iran.

✓  Discover the modern writers in Iran who confronted despotism and Islamic traditions.

Customer Review

At first I was quite skeptical about what political group would be behind making this documentary, but overall the journalism seems to be on point and very objective. A very fresh perspective on a history that is never taught inside or outside of the US or even in Iran. Highly recommended!

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