2. Wars, Coups, Thieves, and a Bean

Release Date: April 3, 2018 Runtime: 46 min Produced by Archival Institute

An American mission threatens foreign powers in Iran until world war and famine defile the region, and tribes confront a powerful new ruler.

In the midst of a civil war, constitutionalists confront conservative Islamic royalists as superpowers stampede into World War I and a new dynasty to lead Iran into modern civilization. Historians deliver powerful performances in the telling of these events and animation recreates one of the worst famines responsible for the loss of approximately half the country’s population suffering from cholera, Spanish flu, and other epidemics.

✓ How do Iran’s tribes have more firepower than Iran’s central government?

✓ How did Iran become a founding member of the League of Nations?

✓ Who is Reza Shah?