Threat Analysis for Overseas Operations

In today’s environment of complex geopolitical, economic, and cultural challenges, peace and stability can become fleeting windows of opportunity for development and trade. Maximizing the potential for growth demands threat assessment. Determining threat requires a more in-depth application of eight operational variables known in the intelligence community as a PMESII-PT matrix. This matrix consists of Political, Military, Economic, Social, Information, Infrastructure, Physical environment and Time considerations. We use these parameters as guides to create an accurate picture of an Operational Environment to keep people and assets safe and lower risk and liability. When local communities prosper, so do most businesses and when businesses¬†prosper, so do local communities. Realizing the potential for this synergy can also contribute towards ongoing threat and crisis management.¬†

The risks of cyber attacks, terrorism, and cyberterrorism on the rise in the US from foreign and domestic aggressors. With civilian communities and companies in the US also facing continued risks of mass shootings and ongoing civil strife taking on the form of aggressive acts in the streets, an increasingly quirky media and internet space, and questions about legal reforms, crisis management necessitates some new approaches. Archival Institute partners with a number of private security companies to fit the ranging needs of companies operating in the US. Whether the problem affecting your company operations and your consumer base is crime and corruption, cyber, or legal, or media related, creating the right business to business relationship can also create the solution.