Our Scholars

Porter Venetia

Provided that many of our world’s leading educational institutions do not have established digital platforms, Archival Institute works with scholars from leading universities, museums, and think tanks to create historical multimedia projects designed to educate as well as entertain international audiences.

“The British Museum has been collecting modern and contemporary Middle Eastern art actually for quite a number of years and …the rationale then was… actually modern and contemporary artists had something to say about their culture, about their traditions.” – Dr. Venetia Porter, Curator, The British Museum

Our Inspirations

Global thought leaders also offer important analysis and insight which Archival Institute aims to archive into multimedia projects such as the work of Nobel Peace Prize recipient and human rights activist, Shirin Ebadi; Dr. Kamiar Alaei, specialized in treating patients diagnosed with HIV and AIDS; and photojournalist, Abbas Attar author of In Whose Name.

“The first HIV case was detected in Iran in 1986 among a hemophilic case.  And after that, for a while policy makers they denied that there was any HIV issue in Iran.  They called it this was a western disease and we as a Muslim country we don’t have any kind of those illegal behaviors which put a trace of population to get HIV, except through blood transfusion.” – Dr. Kamiar Alaei, Clinical Associate Professor, University at Albany

Alaei Kamiar

Our Fellows

Vafai John

Archival Institute provides fellowships for research and field work to study and provide solutions for some of the most debilitating problems related to the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

“Iran’s corruption is more structural and ideologically oriented than the one resulting from nepotism or individual petty corruption. Because of the structural and patrimonial corruption, mismanagement, and preferential treatment of its citizens, Iran’s economic growth after the nuclear deal has benefited only the well-connected few.” – Dr. John Changiz Vafai, Senior Research Fellow, Archival Institute