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Specialized in security; resource and infrastructure development; and international trade, our teams are prepared to help turn your biggest nightmares into your highest achievements. We serve government, business, or both in Private Sector Engagements. Work with us in border security, immigration, energy, or any of the area of building strong communities including partnerships with NGOs and non-profit game-changers. 

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Our goal is the help our government agencies and allies overseas get the technology, innovation, creative problem solving, and industry support they need to ensure our freedom any where in the world.   


Our mission is to help companies of all sizes grow in the US and internationally, protect vital industries that are in danger, formulate government incentives that will stimulate industry and job growth, and enable businesses to operate safely and securely in areas of potential threat.


We recognize the incredible roles that NGOs and charities perform in all areas of the world, and help allocate important tasks to these organizations to ensure their continued growth, efficiency, and support.

academic institutions

From research and development to strategic partnerships, we strive to help maintain the safety, productivity, and integrity of universities, museums, and other academic institutions.

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Partners in Global development

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counter terrorism





heavy construction


international law




With tensions continuing to rise in the world, our goal is to provide security technology and programs necessary for governments to improve global security, stabilize troubled regions, and help industries to grow and develop even while contending with threats.


Between  infrastructure needing repair or replacement in the US and development required among allies, our mission is to provide competitive models and initiatives that will outperform China, stimulate local economies and global industry growth, and improve stability. 

international trade

From emerging economies to industry diversification, our domestic and international initiatives formulate strategic partnerships and economic incentives that will keep industries and companies growing for generations to come.

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